August Macke

August Macke

Style: Expressionism

Lived: January 3, 1887 - September 26, 1914 (20th century)

Nationality: Germany

August Macke was born on January 3, 1887 in Meschede (Germany). His father was a building contractor and his mother, came from a farming family.

He lived most of his creative life in Bonn, with a few periods spent in Switzerland and various trips to Paris, Italy, Holland and Tunisia. In Paris, where he travelled for the first time in 1907, he saw the work of the Impressionists. Shortly after he went to Berlin and spent a few months in Lovis Corinth's studio. His style was formed within the style of French Impressionism and Post-impressionism and he later went through a Fauve period.

In 1909 he married Elizabeth Gerhardt. In 1910, through his friendship with Franz Marc, he met Kandinsky and for a while shared the non-objective aesthetic and the symbolic and mystical interests of Der blaue Reiter.

Macke's meeting with Robert Delaunay in Paris in 1912 was to be a revelation for him. Delaunay's chromatic Cubism influenced Macke's art from that point onwards.

The exotic atmosphere of Tunisia, where Macke travelled in 1914 with Louis Moilliet and Paul Klee was fundamental for the creation of the luminist approach of his final period. Macke's career was cut short by his early death on September 26, 1914 at the front in World War I.

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