Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman

Style: Abstract Expressionism

Lived: January 29, 1905 - July 4, 1970 (20th century)

Nationality: USA

Painting, like passion, is a living voice.

Aesthetics is for artists what ornithology is for birds.

I know that it is impossible to talk about my work. And since it�s impossible for me or anybody else to talk about my work, I feel I might as well talk about it.

A painter is a choreographer of space.

Speech was a poetic outcry rather than a demand for communication. Original man, shouting his consonants, did so in yells of awe and anger at his tragic state, at his own self-awareness and at his own helplessness before the void. ...Man's hand traced the stick through the mud to make a line before he learned to throw the stick.

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