Georges Lemmen

Georges Lemmen

Style: Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau

Lived: 25 November 1865 - 1916 (19th - 20th century)

Nationality: Belgium

Georges Lemmen was born on 25 November 1865 in Schaarbeek (Belgium). As the son of an architect, he was encouraged to study the artistic environment. Georges started studying at the school of drawing at Sint Joost-ten-Noode, but soon dropped out.

At about age 20, Georges Lemmen started painting. He exhibited at several different galleries in Brussels and in Ghent. In 1888 Lemmen joined the art group 'Les Vingt'. He met Théo van Rysselberghe, which led him to move towards Neo-Impressionism.

Inspired by Georges Seurat, Lemmen started to paint in a pointillist style. He continued painting in a pointillist way till 1895, 4 years after the death of Seurat. After 1895, Lemmen abandoned Pointillism to Art Nouveau. He created numerous book illustrations, ceramics, carpets, posters, drawings, pastels and gouaches in this particular style.

Georges Lemmen died in 1916 in Ukkel (Belgium).

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