Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Style: Pop Art

Lived: May 4, 1958 - February 16, 1990 (20th century)

Nationality: USA


Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958 in a farm community near Reading, Pennsylvania. Keith was the oldest of four children; he had three sisters named Kay, Karen and Kristel. His father, who drawed comic books, later became of a big influence on Keith's art. Keith Haring's family introduced him to art by often taking him to museums and by letting him read books on modern art.

Keith Haring studied at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh. In 1976, Keith Haring had his first art exhibition in Pittsburgh. In 1978 he moved to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts, where his original approach was soon apparent in graffiti-inspired symbols expanded into large-scale designs of generative energy.


In 1978 Keith Haring moved to New York to start at the School of Visual Arts. New York, with it's enormous art scene, became a great inspiration for Keith. Keith Haring started out by drawing his cartoon images in the subways. When people started to recognise and admire his work in the subway, Haring became popular and was featured in many magazines, news papers and tv shows.

As he became more and more famous, Haring decided to open his first individual exhibition. He painted all the walls with his art, and then put up his paintings and his sculptures. The exhibition became an enormous success.

Due to Keith Haring's enormous popularity, his art had became so expensive that it was impossible for the common man to have an artpiece of Kieht Haring in their house. Keith wanted everyone to be able to enjoy his work, so he opened his Pop Shop in New York and the Wham Bam in Miami to offer reproductions of his work.


In 1988 Keith Haring got very sick because of AIDS running through his body. Keith Haring knew his death would be very close and started campaigns in orde to make people aware of the growing problem that AIDS had become. Keith Haring died on February 16, 1990.

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