What happened in the 15th century ?

# Renaissance affects philosophy, science and art.
# The New Monarchs come to power in France, England, Portugal and Spain.
# Rise of Modern English language from Middle English.
# Great Schism of the Catholic Church is ended in 1417.
# Foundation and rise of the Aztec empire in Mexico.
# Jeanne d'Arc in 1429 leads French forces to a victory against England in a battle of the Hundred Years' War.
# Brazil is discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral, thus creating the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil.
# Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Empire (in 1453), and the Empire conquers several more countries in the Balkans.
# Niccolo Machiavelli writes The Prince.
# The Spanish Inquisition is established.
# Muslims and Jews are expelled from southern Spain after almost 800 years of Muslim rule, in 1492.
# The Ancient Pueblo Peoples Native American civilization mysteriously disappears.
# Christopher Columbus reaches Caribbean islands in 1492 and South America in 1498, initiating the Spanish Empire.
# Portuguese Vasco da Gama completes sea voyage to India, in 1498.
# Zheng He's fleet sails from China to South-East Asia, India, East Africa and Egypt.
# Printing technology invented by Gutenberg.

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