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The Entombment by Michelangelo

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007


My second post of the National Gallery Grand Tour project in London. This time the photo displays the painting The Entombment by Michelangelo. Nice setting again.

Photo courtesy of riikap on Flickr.

I thought it was art

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Us mem

I was browsing through my tv channels when suddenly this pink cow on the Dutch news filled my screen. The voiceover told me that this cow had been vandalized by homosexuals to draw attention to the rising violence against gay people in certain cities of Holland. It turns out that the cow, named “Us Mem”, was just a tribute from the farmers to that particular breed of cow. And now it’s pink. I thought I still think it’s art.

Picture through Omrop Fryslan (warning: nobody really understands that language)

Art should be personal

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

DNA painting

How about this for an idea ? Since everything today can be personalized, why not have your own very personal portrait ? No, not another turn-any-photo-into-a-painting artwork from China, but a work that displays your DNA profile or your fingerprint. DNA11 will get you there.

This link through Easternblot.

Michelangelo’s David…

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Michelangelo’s David

 …but a little bit different. David as an advertisement for McDonalds.

Image courtesy of Worth1000.

Fun for kids, and adults too

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Create your own Henri Rousseau

Create your own painting inspired by the works of Henri Rousseau. If only it was really that easy.


Friday, August 10th, 2007

Modern meets Titian

It just works. This reproduction from Titian is a part of the National Gallery Grand Tour in London. It’s title is Bacchus and Ariadne.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Barras on Flickr.

Rubens in flowers

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Peter Paul Rubens in Dahlia’s 

A self portrait of Peter Paul Rubens (in Dutch: Pieter Pauwel Rubens) made with over 40,000 dahlia flowers. It was created for the flowercorso of the Dutch town Zundert and afterwards has been made on display for one weekend only at the famous Groenplaats in Antwerp. The portrait measures 8 x 8 meters (26×26 ft). Next to the flower portrait you can see the statue of Rubens as well. And here are some more photo’s.