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Archive for August, 2009

Banksy vs Bristol Museum

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Banksy (official site) is without a doubt the best known and most important street/graffiti artist in the world. In his new show, in his supposed hometown Bristol, he takes on the Bristol Museum, and wins.

Every so often, art breaks out of its confines to become an event. People who would never normally go to a gallery do so; they feel part of it when they would otherwise feel excluded. The last time this happened was when Olafur Eliasson put a giant sun and a mirrored ceiling in Tate Modern and teenagers rolled around on the ground making shapes they could see reflected in the roof.

And it’s happening now at Banksy versus Bristol Museum, the exhibition the elusive graffiti artist suddenly unveiled last week, in which he has his “remixed” the museum’s own collection by putting more than 100 of his own artworks among it – by far the largest Banksy show to date, of work mostly never shown in the UK before.

The Telegraph – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-reviews/5542684/Banksy-versus-Bristol-Museum-review.html

For the event of this show, Banksy has also released a new limited edition screenprint. The print is available in two different ‘flavours’: strawberry and chocolate. Thanks to our contacts we are able to offer you these sold-out prints in our shop: Banksy Strawberry Donut and Banksy Chocolate Donut.

(Space) Invader

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

(Space) Invader (official website) is an anonymous street artist who “invades” cities with his pixelated art. His works first started to appear in his home town Paris in 1998 and since then has invaded other metropoles such as London, Tokyo, Prague, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Bangkok.

Invader in Paris

Invader is also the inventor of Rubikcubism, an art form based on creating images by using the famous Rubik’s cubes.

Invader Abbey Road

Above is one of his Rubikcubism artworks that he has also created into a limited edition print for a recent art show. It depicts, ofcourse, the famous Beatles album cover Abbey Road. You can buy Invader – Abbey Road print in our webshop.