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Australian artist gets a third ear

Australian grows third ear

It took Cypriot-born Stelios Arcadious, also known as Stelarc, 10 years to find a surgeon willing to perform the procedure.

The project represents a recognizable human part and is meant to be ultimately attached to the body as a soft prosthesis. However it is being presented as partial life and brings into question the notions of the wholeness of the body. It also confronts society’s cultural perceptions of life with the increasing ability to manipulate living systems. Tissue Culture & Art are dealing with the ethical and perceptual issues stemming from the realization that living tissue can be sustained, grown and is able to function outside of the body. The prosthesis is now a partial life form – partly constructed and partly alive.

The BBC’s show “Have I Got News For You” commented on the above quote as follows: “He hasn’t only gained an ear, but he’s also obviously talking from the extra arse he had fitted.”

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