Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

Style: Expressionism, Symbolism

Lived: December 12, 1863 - January 23, 1944 (19th - 20th century)

Nationality: Norway

The Scream

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The Scream


by Edvard Munch

"I was going down the street behind two friends" wrote Munch in 1892. "The sun went down behind a hill overlooking the city and the fjord. I felt a trace of sadness and the sky suddenly turned blood red. I stopped walking, leaned against the railing, dead tired. My two friends looked at me and kept on walking. I watched the flaming clouds over the fjord and the city and my friends kept on. I stood there shaking with fear and I felt a great unending scream penetrate unending nature."

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The Scream
Edvard Munch
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