Hans Memling

Style: Northern Renaissance

Lived: ca. 1430 - 1494 (15th century)

Nationality: Netherlands

The Last Judgement Triptych

The Last Judgement Triptych

The Last Judgement Triptych


by Hans Memling

The „Last Judgement” is admired for its perfect composition and the richness and variety of themes it contains. They range from the portraits of donators on the leaves' back surfaces conveying a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness to the expressive and dramatic scenes with the damned. The mastery of using the oil-tempera technique, the skilful subtle use of glaze, and the composition of colours resulting in clear and deep coloration all allowed the artist to create a work of exceptional beauty. The illusion of perspective, movement, the delineation of figures, the precision and reality in representing details astound lovers of 15h century Netherlands paintings, and Polish and foreign art historians. Without exception it makes an impression on everyone who looks at this expressive vision of reward and punishment after life on earth and makes one think deeply.

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