The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello

The Last Judgement by Luca Signorelli

The Birth of Venus by Alessandro Botticelli

Flight into Egypt by  Giotto

Early Renaissance artists

Fra Angelico (1395 - 1455)

Alessandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510)

Carlo Crivelli (1435 - 1495)

Jean Fouquet (1420 - 1481)

Giotto (1267 - 1337)

Masaccio (1401 - 1428)

Pietro Perugino (1446 - 1524)

Luca Signorelli (1445 - 1523)

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475)

What is Early Renaissance

Early Renaissance, mostly found in Italy, marks the period in the fifteenth century between the Middle Ages and the High Renaissance in Italy. The term renaissance means rebirth and is used to mark an era of broad cultural achievement as a result of renewed interest in the classical art and ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome. The main idea of rebirth lies at the belief that through the study of the intellectual and artistic treasures of the Greco-Roman antiquity, inspired by Humanism, can be reached the artistic greatness, wisdom and enlightenment.

The rediscovery of classical world radically altered the art of painting. By the year 1500, the Renaissance revived ancient forms and content. The spiritual content of painting changed - subjects from Roman history and mythology were borrowed. Devotional art of Christian orientation became classically humanized. Classical artistic principles, including harmonious proportion, realistic expression, and rational postures were emulated.

During this artistic period two regions of Western Europe were particularly active: Flanders and Italy. Most of the Early Renaissance works in northern Europe were produced between 1420 and 1550.

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