Landscape at la Ciotat by Georges Braque

Large Red Interior by Henri Matisse

Pont de Charing Cross by André Derain

The Locks at Bougival by Maurice de Vlaminck

Fauvism artists

Georges Braque

Charles Camoin

Marc Chagall

Roger De La Fresnaye (1885 - 1925)

Maurice de Vlaminck

André Derain

Raoul Dufy

Albert Marquet

Henri Matisse

Joan Miró

Georges Rouault

Kees van Dongen

What is Fauvism

The term "Les Fauves" is French for nothing less than "The Wild Beasts". This not so flattering term was given to the artists of this movement because of their supposed lack of discipline. However Fauvism today is defined as a short-lived movement of early Modernist art which emphasized paint itself and the use of deep color over the representational values retained by
Impressionism, even with its focus on light and the moment. Fauvists strongly believe in the power of color as an emotional force.

Les Fauves often used a quote by Paul Gauguin to justify their style: "If the trees look yellow to the artist then painted a bright yellow they must be." The two leaders of Fauvism were Henri Matisse and André Derain. Their paintings use bright, vivid colors to draw the eye. Fauvism had some influence on the later formed Expressionists.

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